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Mill rolls, Pinions, Girth rings and other industrial equipment
We are agents (intermediaries) between the supplier and the client of high-quality metal profile multi-purpose products at affordable wholesale and dealer prices
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About Us

Viking A metallurgical company with extensive experience

We are a company engaged in the sale and delivery of high-quality metallurgical products.

We were founded in 2022 from a small idea and in 2023 we reached the level of a powerful company that is an importer of more than 200 companies

You can find what you need in our assortment Girth rings, Mill rolls, pinions and other industrial equipment made of high-quality steel at affordable retail and wholesale prices

Since the founding of our company, through painstaking work, we have developed qualities that will be on the side of solving your issues of metallurgical products:

  • Professional Team
  • Completed Certification
  • Legal Company
  • Product quality guarantee

We took care of the quality of the service and you can get the necessary products simply by making a request on the website


Our production

We are a supplier of high-quality metallurgical products

Girth rings

You can buy Girth rings to order from us. We make high quality products from materials that are highly durable and reliable.
Girth rings are made in the form of a disk covered with teeth around the entire circumference,…

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Mill rolls

Our company manufactures Mill rolls of increased hardness with extended service life by centrifugal casting, with a working layer of white wear-resistant cast iron.
It is possible to order cast-iron rolls from us for:

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Other industrial equipment

Our company manufactures metal-profiling equipment according to the customer’s specifications and drawings, as well as technological lines for powder coating. All products manufactured by the enterprise are manufactured …

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We make custom Pinions! Our craftsmen produce Pinions of the highest quality and to meet all your requirements. In our work, we use progressive and high-precision equipment, which allows us to perform work of any comp…

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Why us

Lets Trust Us We Work With Professional Team

Full transparency
We always stand for complete transparency and compliance with business relations without various tricks with full compliance with the contract
Completed Certification
We have all quality certificates and permits that allow us to provide you with high quality products
Save Your Budget
We always act in the interests of the client, so we provide the most optimal offer for the price